Dental Implant Reconstruction Before

Dental Implant Reconstruction After

25 year old Cosmetic Makeover case

Severe Bruxism Before

Severe Bruxism After

Veneers Before

Veneers After

Smile Reconstruction Before/Alternate to Orthdontics

Smile Makeover Before

Smile Makeover After

Single Implant & Veneers Before & After

Dental Implant Makeover Before & After

Dental Veneers Before

Dental Veneers After

Gum Transplant on Single Implant Before & After

Before Implant/Alternate to Orthodontics

Before Implant/Alternate to Orthodontics

Smile&Occlusal Makeover Before

Smile&Occlusal Makeover After

Dental Veneers Before & After

Occlusal Reconstruction & Veneers Before

Occlusal Reconstruction & Veneers After

Cosmetic Dentistry in Pretoria and Johannesburg

This is our passion! The cosmetic work is done onsite by our highly experienced team. We have made more than 20 000 veneers over the last 25 years, and indeed understand today’s esthetic demands.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Is any type of dental procedure that enhances the patient’s smile and their teeth. Improving their overall appearance. There are many treatment options for a people who are looking to improve their teeth and smile. Remember your smile is your business card.

Teeth Enhancing Procedures:

  • Dental Veneers
  • Dental Crowns
  • Teeth Whitening

Teeth Replacement Procedures:

  • Dental Implants
  • Fixed Bridge
  • Dentures

Teeth Function Restoration and Aesthetics:

  • Braces and Invisible Braces for crooked teeth and misaligning teeth
  • Composite Bonding to fill cavities, eliminate spots, chips or discolorations
  • Gum lifts, even up the gum line and to make teeth appear longer

How long is the procedure and does it includes surgery?

In South Africa, Dr. Marx is one of the most well-known dentists for cosmetic dentistry.

A complete makeover including all procedures can be done in less than 2 – 4 hours.