Oral Hygienists & Oral Hygiene Programs

The Oral hygienist is a professional oral health educator, who aids individuals to attain and maintain optimum oral health.  A consulting room within the dentist’s practice is available to the oral hygienist to perform the following procedures:

  • Dental education
  • Scale and polishing
  • Fluoride treatment and desensitizing of teeth
  • Teeth bleaching (Tray- or Laser bleaching)
  • Periodontal screening and deep scaling

Oral hygiene programs

Our Oral hygienists are responsible for our patient’s oral well-being.  Treatment procedures include scaling and polishing (removal of plaque deposits and stains), oral hygiene instructions or dental education (demos of flossing and brushing methods), fluoride treatment for sensitive teeth and demineralized areas.  For advanced periodontal conditions (infection of the gums and bones) periodontal screening, deep scaling with lasers and follow up appointments are performed.