Chairside restorations created with textbook precision

Technology is helping us to create perfectly fitting, highly aesthetic ceramic restorations in an instant. CAD/CAM technology gives us the edge to do the preparation work, take a 3D image, design the crown/veneer/inlay or onlay in a few minutes and mill it with a unit that is fitted in the practice to supply the patient with a ceramic in less than an hour.

A quick and reliable way to keep our patients smile aesthetic, metal free and efficient. CEREC 3D restorations have been used for 20 years worldwide and clinically proven to be the best.

The new MC XL milling unit

Simply insert the ceramic block in inside the milling unit and press the start button. The twin-bur milling system has proved itself time and time again in practical applications. The CEREC MC XL and CEREC 3D milling unit mills the ceramic restorations gently, yet with the utmost precision.

Both of the CEREC milling units can be installed anywhere in your dental office – for example, in places where patients can watch the milling process “live”.


Precise, fast and quiet. The increased speed and capacity of the CEREC MC XL is a huge advantage if you want to complete several restorations in one treatment session or create long-term temporary bridges.

The fast milling speed also facilitates the fabrication of conventionally cementable crowns made of lithium disilicate glass ceramics.

Removal of old metal fillings with modern ceramics