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The Advantages Of Teeth Whitening

For many sufferers the world over unsightly teeth has meant limiting their social interaction with others. Whereas those with a sparkling smile perfect for a teeth whitening commercial can go about their daily interactions with others secure in the knowledge that their smile is part of the attractive package that they present to the world those with discoloured or stained teeth are often too embarrassed to take advantage of the disarming nature of the perfect smile.

A flawless smile not only helps in social interaction it can in fact help the professional life of those that possess it. Psychological tests have proven that people with flawless smiles are more trusted than those who do not possess this asset. There is help for those who suffer from unsightly teeth. Teeth whitening technology has advanced to the point where perfecting a substandard smile is as easy as a single trip to the specialist cosmetic dental professional.

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Teeth whitening is today painless and can be accomplished in only a single visit to the specialised dental surgery in around an hour and the procedure is painless, thanks to advances in technology. There are two popular treatments for discoloured teeth that are proving extremely popular. The first is teeth bleaching, using technology like the ZOOM!

Method of dental restoration, and the second is through the use of specialised cosmetic laser treatment. Both these methods are highly effective. Your dental specialist will be able to guide you as to which of the methods would best suit you and your unique requirements.

The laser teeth whitening procedure consists of the dental practitioner applying a gel to the surface of the teeth and then shining a diode laser onto this gel. The laser acts as catalyst to the gel and speeds up the whitening process, as well as increasing the effectiveness of this teeth whitening method. Using cosmetic dental lasers means that the teeth are cleaned deep down and this highly effective cosmetic procedure can result in a flawless smile in under an hour.

Both the bleaching and laser treatment are highly effective, the method that you choose will depend on a number of factors including the depth of the stains on the teeth and your requirements. Whichever method you choose for teeth whitening the results can change both your appearance and the way that you interact with others.

For more information on the various methods of teeth whitening as well as information on where you can find a specialised cosmetic dentist to help restore your dazzling smile, contact us.

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