Our practice is aimed at providing state of the art solutions to your dental problem regardless of what it may be.

Diagnostic service

The key to solving any dental problem is diagnosing it without a proper diagnosis no problem will ever be solved permanently.

We use the following tools to help us:

  • All patients need good inta and extraoral diagnostic photos so we can document everything, we use a variety of exceptional cameras.
  • All patients need a good set of x-rays, today these are all digital and available immediately, x-rays will show us everything we can’t see in the mouth we need to look inside the bone as well.
  • The latest on the market is also available now, a full 3 D cat scan all in our office so no more guessing now, we can see everything live in 3d an excellent experience and only available with us.

Restorative dentistry with Cerec 3 D

  • All restorations should be completely invisible and last a lifetime.
  • Natural and aesthetic corrective work is made possible with CAD/CAM Cerec technology
    Laser Dentistry.
  • With a Biolase waterlase and Diode lasers, we do periodontal treatment and fillings
    Implant dentistry with Southern and Nobel Biocare implants.
  • Often we can replace your tooth in a single visit using state of the art technology, today nobody should have dentures everybody deserves a permanent set of teeth.

Dental Implants

  • Implants are the perfect solution for most people with missing teeth.
  • Dental implants are metal rods about a centimetre long that are placed
    inside the jawbone and serve the same purpose as the roots of teeth.
  • Dental implants are used to replace individual or multiple teeth and are
    becoming a popular alternative to traditional dentures.

Cosmetic Veneers and Crowns

This is our passion the cosmetic work all done onsite by our highly experienced team, we have made more than 11000 veneers over the last 15 years, and indeed understand today’s esthetic demands.

Pediatric Dentistry

Lasers have made this all possible and today we can treat even the little ones without fear or pain.

Microscope Dentistry

You can not fix what you can not see! Zeiss microscopes and loupes ate used to look down those problematic root canals.

Oral Hygiene

No treatment is complete if we can not teach you and help you to maintain it, we have an innovative hygiene program for the whole family starting as young as two years old our team of 5 hygienists will take care of you.

Laser and ZOOM! Advanced Bleaching of Teeth

  • Your quick fix for a brilliant white smile.
  • Treatment is done within an hour with amazing results.
  • CEREC 3D training for dentists.
  • Three of our team are world computerized dental society certified cerec 3d trainers.
  • Cerec 3d training from basic to advanced veneer work is done on a regular basis locally and internationally.