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Cosmetic Dentistry: Quick And Painless

For many people the pleasure of having the perfect smile thanks to cosmetic dentistry is something that they have not experienced. Dental problems can be caused by a variety of factors, including congenitally weak teeth, discolouration caused by lifestyle choices such as drinking or smoking, and missing teeth caused by an accident, through inadequate seating of the teeth in their sockets or sub-standard oral hygiene. These issues are only some of the factors that can lead to unattractive dental appearance.

Fortunately advances in cosmetic dentistry allow a qualified cosmetic dentist to remedy these and other dental problems more quickly, effectively and with less pain than has been the case in past years. Cosmetic dentistry can now draw on technological advances, such as laser treatment to allow many people who have previously not enjoyed perfect teeth to have a perfect smile, with a bare minimum of discomfort during the dentistry process.

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Cosmetic dentistry can remedy most problems in dental appearance. For those suffering from the social stigma of discoloured or stained teeth cosmetic laser whitening or bleaching can offer a solution that is both quick and pain free. An hour’s visit to a specialist cosmetic dentist can usually solved most discoloration problems. The laser teeth whitening technology relies on a diode laser, twinned with a gel that removes impurities from the surface of the teeth, allowing unblemished enamel to shine through.

The laser acts as a catalyst for the gel, increasing its effectiveness and reducing the amount of time required for it to be effective. Three 15 minute treatments are usually enough to restore tooth brightness and in under an hour the patient can return to their daily lives, secure in the knowledge that their smile is both bright and attractive.cosmetic dentistry guarantee

The use of lasers in cosmetic dentistry has reduced the amount of pain that is associated with many dental treatments. Lasers now make paediatric dentistry as painless as possible and have made dental visits less of a chore for those who fear the dentist than has ever before been the case.

Cosmetic dentistry advances today allow those who previously have had to endure the indignity and high maintenance of dentures to enjoy the trouble free lifestyle that can be made possible through dental implants. Cosmetic dentistry today makes it possible to replace a tooth in a single visit to the specialist cosmetic dentist. The process is much less painful than has traditionally been the case.

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